Go Green Marine PumpOut



We are dedicated to help reduce the amount of potential waste in California’s 1,100 miles of coastline.

We would like to educate the more than 1 million registered boaters who use California’s waterways to Keep Our Waters Clean.

California’s waterways include swimming, surfing and boating waters and ecosystems, which includes the chain of our seafood.

We are what we eat. If the water is polluted, our seafood is polluted - thus the chain begins. We have skimmers on our boat to pick up
floating plastics and debris that our marine life commonly mistakes for food , which results in starvation and suffocation.

It is our mission to educate the public about the importance of improving the quality of our water.

Please help us to prevent the disposal of waste into public waterways.

We provide a pump-out service that is completely customized for and catered to you.

We come to you and empty your waste holding tank at your convenience.

We service boats of all sizes and offer service schedules that fit your busy life.

We service the Long Beach Marinas of Shoreline and Alamitos Bay and Port of Los Angeles and King Harbor.

Go Green Marine Pump Out/Keep Our Waters Clean, a non-profit organization, follows California’s Clean Vessel Act (CVA).

CVA provides federal funding to support their ongoing efforts to improve recreational and commercial boating opportunities and

provide boaters with the clean, efficient facilities to prevent waste disposal into public waterways and other ecosystems.


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